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Abbie was born in the city of brotherly love - Philadelphia, Pa.  Her parents  moved to Brigantine, N.J. when she was a child. Very early memories were formed from Hollywood St. in Philly and Manayunk...and her grandparent's farm in Doylestown, Pa. In Brigantine, one always hears the roar of the ocean no matter where you are. Brigantine is a small island near Atlantic City. Growing up in Brigantine meant sand, Atlantic Ocean and sailboat. Abbie went to Moore Institute of Art and also The Philadelphia Museum College of Art.
After geting married, she moved to Maryland and lived there for many years with one year spent in Hilo, Hawaii. Abbie has two daughters, Ellissa and Deborah and four grandchildren,Justin, Daniella, Alexis and Kevin. She has one great grandson, Owen Peterson, born in 2010. Abbie's only sibling, Jodi, lives in Virginia with her irish water spaniel, Bryar and her long time significant other, David Macri.
Abbie met Don 10 years ago and they have been together ever since enjoying the retired life in Florida on the beautiful west coast. Abbie and Don are like peanut butter and jelly. We are good together.
Abbie has sold many paintings and other pieces of her art throughout her career.
She plunks the guitar occasionaly for her personal self.
At this time, she is loving the Nokomis Beach Drum Circle and you will find her there at sunset almost every Saturday evening. She has a terrific sounding djembe drum and also a bugaraboo drum.
If you go to Punta Gorda to the Galleria, you can visit her antique shop. She had an antique business in Old Town Bowie, Maryland for over thirty years.
If you are driving down Marker Road in Rotonda, Florida you may see her outside working in her gardens which is another interest.
Birdwatching has been an involvement for many years and she has birded in quite a few countries and also enjoys photographing birds and all wildlife.
Abbie enjoys writing poetry and has taken classes at Ann Arundel Community College In Maryland.
In Florida winter months you may see her tooling around town on her bike. Shelling is yet another interest and Abbie likes to shell on the island of Caya Costa and also on Boca Grande.
Abbie is a fan of her family and friends, Max, sunsets, drumming, Jimmy Buffet, sand in the toes, Evanovitch, Carl Hiaasen, laughing, Streisand, Deanna Bogart, Eva Cassidy, tradition, good music, shelling beaches, pasta, creativity and nature. 


Abbie's email amberina@aol.com
What about Abbie?

Nokomis Beach sunset

The drum circle family -
Nokomis Beach on Casey Key.
Abbie's jewelry is for sale at MYSTIC SEA on Dearborn St. in Old Englewood and at Abbie's antique shop in Punta Gorda.